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David Reiner博士(技术政策副教授):“技术政策硕士, which is based at 全球十大赌博靠谱平台佳奇管理学院, 对于那些有很强的技术背景的学生来说,无论是科学、工程还是社会科学,来剑桥学习一年的经济学是一个非常难得的机会, to learn about policy, to confront some of the really toughest issues of our age. 我认为参加这个课程有很多真正的好处,如果你看看这个领域的项目,你会发现这些好处在全球都是非常独特的.

“全球十大赌博靠谱平台并不局限于一个特定的领域. “技术政策”这个名字是有意为一系列行业搭建桥梁的,这些行业有一些共同的有趣问题,也面临着一些有趣的挑战. So whether that's a big tech, 无论是能源部门,还是应对实现碳中和和净零排放的挑战, 或者是生物医学政策以及全球十大赌博靠谱平台在2020年和2021年全球大流行期间所面临的挑战. I think these sort of policy areas often operate in silos. And one of the things that we try and do here is bridge those different silos, 汇集各个部门的经验教训,我认为也独特地汇集了来自世界各地的见解.”

Zara Cheema(技术政策硕士毕业生):“我决定攻读技术政策硕士学位,因为我有技术管理的背景. 我想看看政府在监管自动驾驶汽车或不可替代代币等技术时,会有多大的参与. 该项目还提供了工程学系的选修课,因此你能够真正个性化的课程,无论你想学习什么. And you can dive deeper into the elements that interest you the most.

“技术政策项目教会了我如何保持专业的工作关系. As part of our course, 全球十大赌博靠谱平台必须完成一个期末小组项目, 哪一种行为像一个咨询项目. So we had to come up with a solution for an established firm. 这教会了我如何创造性地思考这也是我开始这个项目时想要达到的目标.”

Jonathan Chan(科技政策哲学硕士毕业生):“我申请科技政策哲学硕士课程,因为我知道它能帮助我从科学家过渡到政策制定者, 同时也为我提供了有价值的视角和框架来处理真正复杂的新兴问题,比如气候变化, regulating big tech, and guarding our civil liberties in the digital age. 因此,技术政策项目的学生需要学习一系列跨学科的模块,这些模块为经济学提供了坚实的基础, policy analysis, and business strategy. And through these modules, 我真的觉得我能够为处理各种各样的政策问题打下坚实的基础, such as evaluating a government’s decarbonisation strategy, 并学习一些实用的技巧,以识别新科技所创造的商机.

“通过这个项目,我认识了这么多了不起的人,我很感激,我和许多同龄人建立了亲密的友谊,他们有着如此广泛的兴趣、背景和才华. 我在这里交了一辈子的朋友, 我真的很高兴看到全球十大赌博靠谱平台每个人离开剑桥后都能给世界带来积极的影响.”

技术政策的哲学硕士是一个密集的硕士课程,为那些科学或工程背景. 在9个月的时间里,你将发展综合技术、管理、经济和政策的技能.

With a focus on business-government interaction, you will learn to:

  • Anticipate technology trends
  • 分析和影响立法发展
  • 识别政策倡议、法规和立法所创造的商业机会
  • Understand wider political and institutional context.

你将在整个过程中得到全球十大赌博靠谱平台贾奇商学院(全球十大赌博靠谱平台佳奇管理学院)教职员工的支持, strategy, marketing, finance, 尤其是在经济和政策方面.

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However we recommend you apply before December if you wish to be considered for funding.


  • 10月14日,盖茨美国申请者
  • 12月3日适用于所有其他国家的申请者


Get a new perspective on challenges facing key sectors.

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Fees & scholarships

Programme (cost: £31734

访问研究生招生网站 to learn about course costs, your fee status and more.


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A life-changing year at the nexus of business and government

We take scientists and engineers from the engine room to the bridge, giving you deep insight into dynamic sectors like energy, ICT, biomedicine, and logistics.

Learning to operate at the intersection of the public and private sectors, 你会回答这样的问题:

  • 全球十大赌博靠谱平台的数字经济的未来是什么?
  • How will we meet the challenges of big data, privacy, and the digital divide?
  • How do we develop new models for education provision, collaboration, and banking?
  • How will artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics impact the economy and employment?
  • How will our energy systems transform to balance security, competitiveness, 负担能力和可持续性?
  • Can society get better at dealing with natural and man-made emergencies?
  • How will shifting demographics impact social cohesion?
  • What tools can best help us anticipate emerging technology trends?
  • How do governments formulate policy, and how do businesses react?

Why Cambridge?

校友Ed Klinger解释了他为什么选择全球十大赌博靠谱平台的技术政策硕士学位.

Why did you choose the MPhil in Technology Policy?

我修了技术政策的硕士学位,因为我有工程科学的背景. 我想更广泛地更好地理解技术的社会和政治层面. So this course allows me to understand how governments, and how businesses, can use technology to make the world a better place.


So I’m really happy that the course is based in the business school. 它有很棒的可用资源. The library is amazing, the staff are really, really helpful. 它也是一个很棒的社交中心. It brings together a whole range of different courses, business and otherwise.

It’s also a fantastic location in Cambridge itself. 它就在镇的中心. 从国王广场步行只需两分钟,而且附近有很多餐馆和咖啡馆. 这是一个可爱的地方.

What are the classes like?

So the teaching is of a very high quality, I would say. 有一些世界上的专家给你讲解他们所知道的和喜欢的东西,这真是太棒了. 这些课程也非常具有互动性. 所以全球十大赌博靠谱平台经常以激烈的辩论结束,在学生和老师之间持续几个小时. So that’s one of the things that I like the most about this course actually.

… and the electives?

So the programme offers a wide range of electives. You can focus on engineering electives, on more political electives. So for example I’ve been focusing on autonomous vehicles, drones. 可以选择纳米技术课程. 全球十大赌博靠谱平台可以选择了解欧盟.

It gives a very broad understanding of technology generally. I think that’s among the most impressive parts of the programme. 我喜欢它既在全球十大赌博靠谱平台贾奇商学院(全球十大赌博靠谱平台佳奇管理学院),也在工程系. It gives a very broad understanding of technology and society.

Why do you think that technology policy is important?

I basically think that technology is a unstoppable force. 这取决于全球十大赌博靠谱平台——政府, businesses, 个人,尽全球十大赌博靠谱平台所能去理解它, 用它来为世界造福.

My time at the University of Cambridge was extremely rewarding. 科技政策的哲学硕士课程是一个很好的机会,可以让你发展所需的技能,以迎接整合科技的挑战, economics, policy, and law. The programme was no doubt challenging, but also extremely stimulating and rewarding. 我现在在欧盟机构工作, the MPhil has helped me understand the strategic importance of today’s complex social, economic, and political issues. I make use of the skills I learned on a daily basis.
Alexandros Pamnani, MPhil Technology Policy 2015

The curriculum

技术政策硕士学位 is an intensive nine-month programme, 包括三个学期,需要在圣诞节和复活节假期学习. The emphasis throughout the year is on group and coursework.

技术政策硕士学位 programme consists of:

科技政策哲学硕士课程与科学及政策中心(CSaP)合办. 全球十大赌博靠谱平台很高兴在整个学年为学生提供特邀讲座. 请访问CSaP网站了解更多信息.

Please note that the precise content of the programme is subject to change.


Your MPhil in Technology Policy degree corresponds to 12 modules of equal weight, and a Final Group Project which is double-weighted.

In order to obtain the degree you will need to attain:

  • 最终小组项目的60%
  • 比所需核心模块平均高出60%
  • 平均成绩比选修课程高60%
  • An average of 60% overall

The core modules are assessed primarily by formal examinations. Electives may be assessed by formal examinations, term papers, regular written assignments, 还有一些课堂参与. 在适当的情况下,使用一些团队评分.