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全球十大赌博靠谱平台通过全球十大赌博靠谱平台的教育项目来吸引多元化的社区. 全球十大赌博靠谱平台研究文化, 使更多女性成为成功领导者的机构和组织. 全球十大赌博靠谱平台相信鼓励和支持商界女性发挥她们的最大潜力.

Each MBA class comprises around 200 experienced professionals from a broad range of cultural and professional backgrounds.


  • 获得所需的商业教育,以在广泛的职业领域中脱颖而出
  • 加入一个蓬勃发展和雄心勃勃的学生和校友网络
  • 成为女商科学生小组的一员——与同伴一起推动商界性别平衡议程
  • become involved in the 我+男人的领导中心, 支持他们的研究, conferences and outreach activities
  • 在支持多样性、平等和包容的教育环境中发展个人.


与全球十大赌博靠谱平台见面并加入全球十大赌博靠谱平台定期的虚拟开放日或职业网络研讨会. 与MBA招生团队会面, hear a taster lecture from faculty or meet MBA students and alumni and hear about their Cambridge experience and career outcomes.

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在国际妇女节之际,请加入全球十大赌博靠谱平台的炉边聊天和社交活动, 在线或亲身探索女性工作的未来——想象一个性别平等的世界.

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£30,每年奖励5名优秀女学生5万英镑, in partnership with the Forté Foundation.



从建立社区到他们为什么选择剑桥, 全球十大赌博靠谱平台与目前Forté的学者见面,了解他们的……

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What careers do female MBA graduates pursue?

从国际发展到不断扩大的医疗保健领域, 全球十大赌博靠谱平台遇到了一些最近的剑桥MBA毕业生,她们是……

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因此,在攻读MBA之前,我在美国的金融科技初创公司工作了5年. 这是一个非常令人兴奋的领域,但我需要继续前进,做一些不一样的事情. So I always found myself kind of in the background, supporting the company and the operations and I wanted to be more customer focused and the MBA was a way to pivot from a supporting role to a more customer-facing role and at the same time, 我也在从美国搬回欧洲. I’ve wanted to do a one-year MBA because I didn’t want to be out of the workforce for too long and the fact that it’s like embedded in a great university so you have like the rich history of Cambridge as well, I thought that would be a really good fit. For me, 它实际上是对技术和创业精神的关注,因为在这条路上, 也许五年后, 我确实想要开一家自己的公司,而且我觉得有这样的环境, that environment where entrepreneurship is encouraged and I thought it was a really good environment to thrive and think of ideas for the future as well. 我也非常喜欢剑桥MBA的实用性, CVP和GCP也是如此, 我认为这是一种很好的方法,可以让你知道咨询是否适合你,也可以边做边学. For my GCP, I worked with Airbnb and we’re kind of figuring out what the future of customer service could be and there’s something about learning something in the classroom and especially all the frameworks we’ve learned and being able to apply it in real life and see how that works, 把理论和实践联系起来,看它在现实生活中发挥作用,感觉很好. Having had experience at small startups, 我也很想在一家大型科技公司获得工作经验, see what it’s like to have like a five-year, ten-year strategy. I was lucky enough to secure a product-related role and then I’m wanting to take that experience maybe in like five years and start my own company. I think when you’re in that environment where everyone is entrepreneurial and thinking about what the next thing could be, 这也能帮助你在这方面做得更好,而且有人能给你提供意见, I think that community aspect is really important. 创业精神SIG, for example, 有很多伟大的活动企业家会来给全球十大赌博靠谱平台演讲你可以和他们联系, bounce ideas off of them and learn about their path and so I want to take what I’ve learned and the network that I have now of people that I can always ask questions to or reach out to for advice and kind of take that going forward and just knowing that you have like people to fall back on when things don’t work out. Having so many people from such different backgrounds together and talking about these issues really forces you to think better and think more deeper, 因为我认为这是我从MBA学习中学到的最多的东西.

My background is in Global Health and Development. 所以我在一个非营利组织工作,主要是管理卫生技术. I thoroughly loved my job and was realising quickly that I was starting to hit that ceiling and ability to keep growing. But the MBA I knew was going to equip me with the right leadership and management skills to help me progress into more of the strategic planning type of roles that I was hoping to be in, 还在影响范围内. I knew my priorities were to find a tight knit, 协作的社区让我获得了非常多样化和国际化的视角. Coming from a Global Health background, 我知道那是多么宝贵, 都是我以前受的教育, as well as from my work experience. So after being introduced to the MBA programme, 与教职员工和在校学生进行交流, 这对我来说是一个瞬间的契合,我真的很感激能来到这里. 全球十大赌博靠谱平台攻读MBA的部分动机是专注于医疗战略. 我还想学习一些商科学位所具有的技术性技能, like corporate finance and macro econ, 我知道我正在培养我所需要的技能,以便在我的职业生涯中继续朝着我想要的方向前进. 全球十大赌博靠谱平台是其中一员, 虽然人们可能并不在影响范围内, 这里的每个人都想在自己的领域做得好. 所以要保持这样的心态,让全球十大赌博靠谱平台创造性地思考如何才能推动积极的改变, but maybe we should think about how we can engage with different sectors in different industries to really drive that lasting change. I’ve found that actually in some of the non-social impact or health-related courses is where I’ve done the most thinking and learning and applying in this context, 这是非常宝贵的,我没有预料到的. I’m hoping to continue to apply some of these skills and really drive a little bit deeper into the strategy aspect of health care and development. And I want to try and use best practices from some other industries and apply them into the impact space to drive the most lasting and sustainable impact. So I’m looking at a couple of different options, 但我一直在认真评估这些机会, 和在这个领域和不同领域工作的人谈谈,看看什么最适合我. 在5年的时间里,我希望在冲击空间中处于更多的战略位置. 我想尽我所能留在医疗行业, 但我知道,为了更有效地做到这一点,成为这个领域真正强有力的领导者, it’s important to get that diverse experience. 我认为今年,过去的一年是一个很好的起点. 所以我希望在接下来的几年里继续探索和培养这种技能, 五年后, 10 years time, 我可以更有意识地回到医疗保健领域,并真正有效地应用这些知识. 我在基督学院, which has been a really great opportunity to balance what I see as Judge being very innovative and progressive and you know, 建立和学习新的思想和方法, with a very much traditional college experience. 我认为这是有趣和令人惊讶的事情,这是我真正没有预料到的, was how progressive my college is as well. 所以他们非常坚持传统和根基,正是这些传统和根基造就了今天的大学, 但他们的做法鼓励了创新, encouraging people to think outside the box, is very inclusive in a lot of ways. 所以这对我在Judge的经历是一个很好的补充. 我特意选了一所没有很多mba的大学, 因为我想再次平衡这种体验,事实证明这是真的. 我的背景是全球健康与发展, 我非常关注女性的健康和生殖权利. 所以当我在基督学院看到女军官这个职位时, it was something that really interested me. 基督学院的女警官让我在学院和全球十大赌博靠谱平台的MCR里认识了几个人, but also you know, the very stereotypical formal hall, 研究生院的经历正是我所希望和期待的. It’s really made me and helped me to embody the Cambridge collegiate experience in a way that I don’t think you’d get in any other university.

我一开始在公共部门工作,在那里的金融部门工作了5到6年. 有金融背景的, across public sector and private sector, 我知道我需要一些工具才能进入咨询行业, and long-term, into helping other people as well, 而MBA就像是能够理解商业状况的完美结合, being able to apply those to my long-term career, 在我职业生涯的这个阶段, I was at a crossroads where I wanted to pivot, 所以我认为这是做一年项目的最佳时机. 我开始探索一年制课程和留在英国的可能性. 事实上,我认为,对我来说,剑桥的关键在于它所提供的多样性. 所以我想要走出我的舒适区,去另一个国家, 我心里想, 我为什么要出国去寻找这样的体验呢它们就在我眼前呢? 这是剑桥给我留下深刻印象的事情之一. The diversity of the cohort is honestly incredible. 全球十大赌博靠谱平台的多样性对我来说是一次美妙的经历. The number of nationalities that I see in the class, the backgrounds in terms of exposure, experience, industry, 能够向世界各地的人学习并与之互动,这在职业生涯中一直都是令人惊叹的, 所以人格的多样性很好地理解了不同人的思维方式. 所以能够与, on projects, 一个思考非常, 给自己带来了不同的视角, 它确实为你进入现实世界和团队工作奠定了基础, 这些都是多样的. 作为一名英国女性,我觉得这个群体的多样性真的很能说明问题. 这里的学生规模让我建立起联系和纽带, 哪些是我生命中最贴近的,并且会永远延续下去的. 我的目标有两个, I obviously have an interest in consulting and I’ve got an interest in international development and social impact. And then onwards, I’m really thinking about potentially moving to an emerging economy and using some of the learnings I gained from courses, 比如新兴经济体的市场营销和创新, 国际业务 for example, that’s something which has always been my dream. 从很小的时候起,帮助别人一直对我有帮助,给了我目标, but I feel that my MBA is a stepping stone with knowledge and experience and a clear toolkit to be able to use that in 5 or 10 years when I can actually step into those countries, understand what needs to be changed, 做出我长久以来一直想做的改变. You definitely get knowledge elevation from the MBA, but more than that, 这是网上赌搏网站十大排行网络的, 这是网上赌搏网站十大排行网络的, not just of your peers that you meet here, but you meet 200 people for example, and actually, 你的社交网络现在立刻就变成了成千上万的人. 当你需要帮助或者你需要帮助别人的时候, that network will be there to support you. 这就是全球十大赌博靠谱平台在这里的原因, we’re here to learn from each other, 全球十大赌博靠谱平台在这里向比全球十大赌博靠谱平台优秀的人学习, 全球十大赌博靠谱平台来这里是为了培养可能需要你所拥有技能的人.

我叫Cynthia Zheng,来自加拿大多伦多. and I actually am born in Shanghai, China. 我之前做的是在金融服务领域进行大量的数字化转型. 然后在我有, I guess my CPA, 我在想, “Okay, where do I want to take my career?我意识到,我最感兴趣的还是创新和数字转型. So I really wanted to come do my MBA and really get to kind of talk with the other business leaders around the world and I specifically chose Cambridge because I knew that there was a lot of focus here on tech and on innovation and on how that integrates. I wanted a place where it was really, really collaborative because that was my main goal, 和尽可能多的人见面交谈,真的能开阔我的视野吗. 所以我看了看,你知道,当然,数字是非常多样化的. 在面试过程中, everybody was really diverse as well, but I think what really drew me in was, again, 合作的这一方面. 我想有很多选修课, 就像我拍的那些, were like managing innovation strategically. So a lot of innovation type of courses. 所以我真的很喜欢M&A class that I took and also the management praxis, 比如谈判课程, I thought that was so interesting. 所以在技术方面和创新方面都要努力, 但同时也要重新磨练那些商业领袖的技能. 但也因为全球十大赌博靠谱平台喜欢很多案例研究,全球十大赌博靠谱平台有很多合作小组项目, again, 我肯定是从其他同学那里学来的, 它们是如何发挥作用的,我觉得这让我成为了一个更强大的领导者. 我特别选择最初申请那些有大学背景的学校, 而不仅仅是一所独立的商学院,因为我想参与这个社区. So I think the college experience was really cool, 做正式的工作,和不同的人交谈, 像非业务相关的, walks of life. 这让我大开眼界,我觉得这让我的整个经历更加全面. 我认为CVP允许我先和一家科技公司合作,然后再和GCP合作, 我选择了一家较小的公司,他们在可持续发展方面做了很多工作, which I think is so important now and I think a lot of people are realising that sustainability is a huge part of everything that we do. Let me try to use all the skills that I’ve learned this year in terms of marketing and strategy and try to release that out into the market and see if I can build a business with it. So I felt like it all really connected itself and each project was different enough that I felt like I was learning each time. 我真的很喜欢全球十大赌博靠谱平台的关系, you know, 商业领袖或, you know, 只是来自不同国家和不同地区的人. And so I’ve gotten so many new ideas and I’m just really inspired by how ambitious everybody is in their different fields, 我认为这也让我更有野心. 所以我绝对认为这是多样性的一部分. 这是我第一次离家这么久. So it feels like a home away from home where I felt like I learned so much and I met so many incredible people that it kind of accelerated my life or accelerated my personal growth to so many different levels.