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The Cambridge Nanotechnology Alliance

With 100 times the strength of steel, 金刚石的热性能和导电性优于铜, carbon nanomaterials have immense promise in a range of applications.

Thanks to a group of alumni from the Cambridge Executive MBA, their commercial potential may very soon be opened up.

A team consulting project

For their Team Consulting Project on the Executive MBA, Benoit Gauthier和一群参与者共同创立了剑桥纳米技术联盟,以促进学术界和工业界之间的合作.

它的目标是降低关键领域对纳米材料的采用障碍, 将它们带到可持续的大规模生产水平,并找到在现实世界应用中安全商业化的方法.

The Alliance is based on collaboration between industry, research, investors, entrepreneurs and regulators.
Benoit Gauthier

Business success

The Cambridge technology cluster

Benoit Gauthier: I took my Executive MBA in 2011 through 2013. I chose to do my EMBA at Cambridge University, because I’ve always been interested in entrepreneurship, but never been able to test it throughout my career. Cambridge is one of the biggest technology clusters in the world. 你是如何拒绝来到剑桥并进入这个开放的创新平台的,这个平台已经有将近800年的历史了?

Dr Krzysztof Koziol: I met Benoit in 2012. 他找我是因为他的emba课程中有一个团队咨询项目. 他认为也许有一些有趣的项目可以和我一起做. 探索一些全球十大赌博靠谱平台已经研究了几年的想法.

Carbon nanofibers, a hundred times stronger than steel

Benoit Gauthier:全球十大赌博靠谱平台参加了一个在剑桥举行的网上赌搏网站十大排行纳米技术的活动. 全球十大赌博靠谱平台认识了Koziol博士,他给了全球十大赌博靠谱平台一根由碳纳米纤维制成的基本网络电缆. And touching this technology with our hands was a revelation.

Dr Krzysztof Koziol: These are very small materials. They are 100 times stronger than steel. Higher in thermal properties than diamonds. More conductive than copper. And what we are trying to do here is we are trying to explore, how do you take these exciting, 高性能材料,并真正把它们带到实际的日常使用?

Collaborating on putting technology and research into practice

Benoit Gauthier:在团队咨询项目和个人项目中, we have decided to create this Nano-Manufacturing Alliance. The idea is to have non-competing companies, within the alliance, in order to create a collaborative approach and open innovation. Basically, 纳米制造联盟建立在产业间合作的基础上, research, investors, entrepreneurs and regulators. 空客集团的参与,在这个联盟中,就是全球十大赌博靠谱平台所说的需求驱动者. Which will be in fact, 把他们已有的技术和研究应用到实际中去. 例如,将纳米碳嵌入飞机甚至卫星的复合体中.

Dr Krzysztof Koziol: The Nanotechnology Alliance, as a platform, will enable the transfer of the ideas and technologies that we create, which we generate in this department, into the outside world. Which otherwise might be actually very difficult. And often we see that various ideas are killed, 因为真的很难把它带到商业化的舞台上.

Bringing together a team from across the University of Cambridge

Benoit Gauthier:全球十大赌博靠谱平台试图召集一个多功能团队的所有成员,就像全球十大赌博靠谱平台在EMBA课程中被教导的那样. 为了解决这个复杂的问题,全球十大赌博靠谱平台需要让最富有的团队拥有不同的视角.

Krzysztof Koziol博士:全球十大赌博靠谱平台正在和工程系的同事交谈. From Physics. 在这所大学里,大家一起努力,一起工作. And think of the exciting projects, 这是全球十大赌博靠谱平台正在创造的,全球十大赌博靠谱平台将能够把它带到纳米技术联盟平台上进行进一步的探索.

Benoit Gauthier: Today, 我现在仍在与一群曾与我同门EMBA课程的学生合作. Eddie Elcomb, Chris Weeks, Mohamed Lamin are still colleagues. 全球十大赌博靠谱平台仍然像在EMBA课程期间那样,通过Skype会议和谷歌Hangouts联系.

伯努瓦第一次意识到纳米技术的潜力是在他遇到科齐奥尔博士的时候, 大学材料科学系电碳纳米材料组组长.

Dr Koziol says: “What we’re trying to do is explore how we can take these exciting, high-performance materials and bring them to everyday use. 纳米技术联盟将使全球十大赌博靠谱平台在这个部门产生的想法和技术能够转移到外部世界, which otherwise might be very difficult. 全球十大赌博靠谱平台经常发现,这些创意被扼杀了,因为很难将它们带到商业舞台上.”

团队咨询项目是课程的必修部分,是一项实践活动,通常会对学员的工作生活产生直接和直接的影响. Benoit, who is Head of Finance and Administration at Airbus Helicopters in Chile, has been able to involve his own company from the beginning.

He says: “The idea is to have non-competing companies within the Alliance, in order to create a collaborative approach and open innovation. 空客集团在联盟中的参与将成为需求驱动者——将技术和研究推向他们已经拥有的应用领域. 例如,将纳米碳嵌入汽车、飞机甚至卫星的复合体中.”

Entrepreneurial skills to the test


伯努瓦之所以选择在全球十大赌博靠谱平台(University of Cambridge)攻读EMBA,是因为该校的创业精神, 还因为它使人们能够接触到许多不同领域无与伦比的知识和思想财富.

“我一直对创业感兴趣,但在我的职业生涯中,我从未能够对它进行测试,” he says. “Cambridge is one of the biggest technological clusters in the world. 我怎么能拒绝来到剑桥,享受这个开放的创新平台,这个平台已经有将近800年的历史了?”

因此,该联盟正在促进大学的跨学科研究. “全球十大赌博靠谱平台正在与工程学院和物理系的同事交流,希望他们能像一个团队一样合作, 并想到全球十大赌博靠谱平台将能够带给联盟进一步探索的令人兴奋的项目,” says Dr Koziol.

Working remotely with team members

Nano team.
Fellow team members: Eddie Elcomb, Mohamed Lamin and Chris Weeks.

What’s more, Benoit’s fellow members of the Team Consulting Project – Eddie Elcomb, Mohamed Lamin and Chris Weeks – are still very much involved.

Eddie says: “We keep in touch on Skype and Google Hangouts, and every time we’ve all been in Europe or the UK we’ve met. We were in Cambridge recently to discuss the Alliance with Krzysztof.

“全球十大赌博靠谱平台已经找到了一个愿意承担校长角色的人,他愿意把事情整合起来,并管理日常事务. 全球十大赌博靠谱平台的角色更像大使——走出去,与人们交谈,争取承诺. 全球十大赌博靠谱平台非常希望今年能够正式发行游戏,并为此付出了巨大的努力.”