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The Cambridge Centre for Chinese Management is co-founded and co-directed by Professor Christoph Loch, Mr Tao Tian, Professor Peter Williamson and Dr Eden Yin. The Centre also has a number of research fellows consisting of academic staff at Cambridge Judge Business School and other prominent universities. The Centre will also select a number of advisory board members who make significant contribution to the research. The benefactors of the Cambridge Centre for Chinese Management will also be formally acknowledged.


Christoph H Loch

Professor of Management Studies

PhD (Stanford Graduate School of Business)

Tian Tao

Senior Adviser, Huawei Technologies

Tian Tao is a writer and entrepreneur in China. He has published a Chinese bestseller on Huawei titled Will Huawei Be the Next Falling Giant?, which Honduras Huawei's management round-birth and Organisational evolution. He has also published an English book titled, Huawei: Leadership, Culture, and Connectivity Co-authored by Chunbo Wu and David De Cremer, analysing reasons behind Huawei's rapid growth. This book has been translated into multiple languages and also won the prestigious KPMG Business Book of the Year Award in Russia. As an entrepreneur, Mr Tao founded Top Capital magazine in 1991 serving as the Editor in Chief since 1996. He has also served as adviser or board director for a number of businesses both in China and abroad. Mr Tao is also a Co-Director of the Ruihua Innovative Management Research Institute at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou.

Peter Williamson

Honorary Professor of International Management

PhD (Harvard University)

Eden Yin

Associate Professor in Marketing

PhD (University of Southern California)

The centre was co-founded by Professor Christopher Locke, Dean of Cambridge Business School, Mr Tian Tao, Senior consultant of Huawei, and Professor Peter Williamson and Professor Yin Yiding of Cambridge Business School。The co-director of the center is Professor Christopher Locke and Mr. Tian Tao。Professor Peter Williamson and Professor Yiding Yin。At the same time, the center has also hired a number of professors from Cambridge University's Cambridge Business School and other well-known universities as the center's researchers。The center also has a number of directors who have made key contributions to the development of management centers in China。

The management team

Christoph Loch.

Professor Christopher Locke

Co-director of China Centre for Management Research, Dean of Cambridge Business School

Professor Locke is a leading expert in global enterprise innovation and operations management。He received his Ph.D. in management from Stanford Graduate School of Business。He then served as glaxoSmithKline Chair Professor, PhD Program Director and Director of the Israel Research Center at INSEAD, one of the world's leading business schools。Dr. Lodge is associate Editor of the Journal of Management Science, one of the leading journals in management, and a major contributor to several other prestigious journals such as INFORMS Operations Research, Manufacturing and Services Operations Management, and Product and operations Management。Prior to entering academia, Professor Lodge was an Analyst of Competition and Industry Analysis at Siemens (1986-1989) and a partner at McKinsey & Company (1991-1993).。Professor Lodge has also served as a non-executive director of start-up Prendo since 2000。

Tian Tao.

Mr Dead soul

Co-director of China Management Research Center, senior consultant of Huawei International Advisory Committee

Mr. Tian Tao published the classic research work on Huawei enterprise management, Will Huawei be the Next To Fall, which deeply analyzed the operation and management methods behind Huawei's growth and was translated into many languages and published, becoming the most important reference for huawei research at home and abroad。He is the chief editor of the Series of Huawei stories, including "Growing up under fire", "Thick accumulation and Thin Development" and "Wearing Gold Armor on Sand"。The English version of "Will Huawei Be Next to Fall" (co-authored with Chunbo Wu and David Dickeram) won KPMG Russia's 2018 Business Book of the Year award。Prior to that, he founded And served as managing Editor of Investment and Collaboration magazine in 1991。At the same time, he is the consultant or director of many domestic and foreign commercial organizations。Mr. Tian tao is also the co-director of Ruihua Innovation Management Institute of Zhejiang University。

Peter Williamson.

Professor Peter Williamson

Co-director of China Management Research Centre, Professor of International Business, Cambridge Business School

Professor Williamson received his PhD from Harvard Business School。Prior to entering academia, he was an executive at Boston Consulting Group and Merrill Lynch。Before he came to Cambridge to teach,Professor Williamson was professor of Strategy and International Management and Director of the MBA Programme at London Business School (1987-1992), a leading international business school,Visiting Professor of Globalization Strategy, Harvard Business School (1993-1996),1997年-2007年,Teaches at INSEAD's Department of Asian Business and International Management。During this period, he served as visiting professor of Strategy course at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (2003-2007)。He returned to Jesus College, Cambridge, where he taught as academic director of the Advanced Leadership Programme。He has lived and worked in Australia, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland and the United States。He is also a non-executive director of International Green Gas, a new energy company, and a non-executive chairman of Imparta, a training company。

Eden Yin.

Yin Yiding教授

Co-director, China Centre for Management Research, Associate Professor, Department of Marketing, Cambridge Business School。

Professor Yin received his Ph.D. in Business Administration from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California。He is now associate Professor of Business Administration and Marketing at Cambridge Business School and fellow of St Edmund's College, Cambridge。He teaches the core MBA and EMBA courses at The Jiazhi Business School and participates in several executive education programs。His research fields are corporate brand strategy, innovation strategy and internationalization strategy of developing country enterprises。His research has been published in top academic journals such as Market Science, Journal of Market Research, Journal of International Marketing and MIT Sloan Management Review。Professor Yin has taught MBA, EMBA and executive education programs in the United States, Australia, Finland, Denmark, Brazil, Argentina and Mainland China。He has also consulted on strategy for companies in Europe and the UK, such as Jaguar and Land Rover。

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